Work Release Program

The Detention Center’s Work Release Program was developed to provide the defendants ability to gain and maintain ligament employment and provide financial assistance to their family while the defendant is incarcerated. With Court approval, sentenced/pre-trial inmates may enter the program at any stage of their incarceration.


Defendant’s eligibility is based on a multiple components including: court ordered by a presiding judge, approval from the Correctional Services Director, client's criminal record, a warrant check, review of institutional records including incident and disciplinary reports.

The defendant must have legitimate employment (this means no working under the table or for cash; defendant will read, sign and agree to comply with the Work release rules. Failure to comply with program rules will result in disciplinary action and additional criminal charges. For example:

  1. Not to consume alcohol.
  2. Not to consume illegal drugs (this includes synthetic drugs of any kind and non-prescribed drugs)
  3. Must obey all city, county, state and federal laws
  4. Failure to return to the detention center (this means escape from jail)