Contraband is anything found in your possession/control, which is prohibited by Law, policies and procedures, or rules and regulations of the Facility. You are prohibited from having control, or possession, of any item not purchased through commissary or issued to you by the County, except family photographs, personal mail and legal documents. Also, remember that any item in excess of what was issued, or purchased, may also be considered contraband along with any item of clothing which has been damaged or altered. (Please read, and re-read this carefully and, if you have doubts as to what is considered contraband; ask an officer.) 


Some examples are:

  • altered clothing/property
  • anything that can be used as, or considered a weapon
  • ink pens
  • medications
  • metal staples
  • paper clips
  • soft drink bottles
  • trash
  • unsealed food

All items considered contraband will be confiscated by the staff and destroyed.