Community Custody Program

The Detention Center's Community Custody Program (CCP) is founded on the concept of community-based supervision and treatment. The program was developed to provide the use of electronic monitoring to ease institutional overcrowding, saving tax payers money, and allow defendants to gain and maintain employment and family connections. 

With Court approval, sentenced/pre-trial inmates may enter the program at any stage of their incarceration. When an inmate is removed from the Detention Facility and returned to his or her home, job and neighborhood, this is considered a positive step forward in attempting to reintegrate the program inmate into the community. Inmates are placed in the community and monitored on a daily basis to ensure compliance while ensuring the safety of the community.


Defendant's eligibility is based on multiple components including: court ordered by a presiding judge, client's criminal record, a warrant check, review of institutional records including incident and disciplinary reports, prior participation of CCP.


The defendant must have a permanent residence and or permission from the owner of the residence to reside there. The defendant will read, sign and agree to comply with the CCP rules. Also the owner of the residence must agree to comply with CCP rules. For example:

  1. No alcohol allowed in the residence.
  2. No firearms or dangerous weapons allowed in the residence.
  3. No illegal drugs (this includes synthetic drugs of any kind and non-prescribed drugs) in the residence.
  4. Must obey all city, county, state and federal laws.

Owner of the Residence

The owner of the residence is in agreement that the Community Custody Program is allowed full and complete access to the residence in which the defendant is residing.

The defendant cannot live with the alleged victim(s) unless authorized by the presiding Judge.

Land Line

A basic land line must be installed prior to the inmate being accepted into the program. The phone line must not have any of the following: No two way line, No Internet service, No cordless phone, and No other features (i.e. Caller Id, Call Waiting, etc...)