Inmate Telephone

The Otero County Detention Center provides inmates access to telephone services through a contractual relationship with a third party vendor located in Dallas, Texas which is currently Securus Technologies, Inc. All calls are recorded and subject to monitoring by detention center staff due to security concerns including; protecting victims and potential witnesses from harassing telephone calls; reducing opportunities for continued criminal activities from inside the jail, including threats to others, and helping reduce the potential for escape. Inmates are not permitted access to cell phones or to the Center’s business telephones.

Free Phones

Upon admission into the facility following an individual’s arrest, he/she is permitted to use the free phones located in the Holding Cells to call attorneys, family members, friends, and bondspersons. Should an individual become uncooperative and/or belligerent; their telephone calls will be terminated until such time as they cooperate with jail staff. All telephone calls after that (exceptions are to Bondspersons and attorneys) will be collect, and must be voice activated. Upon enrollment into the telephone program, inmates will be required to say their name several times in order to establish a voice print/pattern recognition for the system to take effect. Access to a telephone is not a right, but rather a privilege. This privilege may be regulated and/or terminated accordingly, which depends on the individual’s behavior.

Securus Account

The Telephone Vendor will allow inmates to set up telephone services with one free call. After that, anyone wishing to accept telephone calls from an inmate will have to contact Securus and establish an account. Please do not call the Jail as we are unable to assist you. You can contact Securus at:

Securus Correctional Technologies Inc.
P.O. Box 650757
Dallas, TX 75265-0757

Phone: 800-844-6591

Inmate Personal Identification Number

Inmates are assigned a Personal Identification number (PIN), which is required to initiate and complete calls. Personal Identification Numbers are not allowed  to be used for, or by other inmates for any calling purpose. Three-way telephone calls are not permitted. A three-way call is one where more than two phones are involved. Such calls, as mentioned above, are unauthorized and may be terminated when discovered, which could also result in blocking of the number called, and a suspension of the inmates’ privileges. We will not reimburse you for terminated unauthorized calls.

Devices for Hearing Impaired

The Facility provides Teletypewriter/Telecommunication (TTY-TDD) devices for the hearing impaired.

Payment for Calls

Once you have established an account, you can receive calls from any inmate. As the recipient of the call, if you agree to accept the call, you are responsible for payment of the call. If you do not want someone from the jail to call you, do not accept their call and you will not be charged. All telephone calls from the jail are identifiable with the caller’s name.

Phone rate charges are subject to change. You may contact Securus for their rates.

Threatened or Harassed on Call

If you receive a call from an inmate and are threatened or harassed in any way, the best option is not to accept anymore calls. However if this does happen again, you should file a report with your local law enforcement agency who can investigate to determine whether criminal prosecution should be initiated. As previously noted, all calls are recorded, and law enforcement personnel can access such information through the jail. 

In addition the jail staff can, upon request, “Block” an inmate from calling a specific telephone number with certain limitation which may or may not eliminate any such future calls. Blocked numbers may or may not be unblocked depending on circumstances/reason for the Block. Requests to block, and or unblock numbers must be in writing and include a proof of residence (phone bill) and a form of accepted identification i.e. driver’s license or State identification card.

Be Advised

(As stated above): All calls are recorded and may be presented as evidence for investigations, and/or to the Courts.