Inmate Property

Personal Property

Personal property including valuables will be collected, inventoried and secured in the facility property room until the detainee is released from custody. Money is inventoried and deposited in an inmate commissary account.

Once personal property is sealed and secured it cannot be reopened for any reason. However, the inmate can complete a Property Release Form to permit a named person to assume possession of it. The named person must present valid photo identification and provide a signature for the purpose of positive verification to possess the property.

Property Release

A property release should be submitted in advance by an inmate prior to departing the facility to serve a Court Ordered Sentences to the Department of Corrections and/or Treatment Program. If property is not retrieved within 7 days it will be disposed of due to the facilities inability to store excessive amount items due to storage limitations in the property room area.

Property is released Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the exception of holidays this transaction takes place at the Detention Centers Front Office located in the main lobby.

Receiving Property

The facility does not accept property from visitors or through the mail. All items must be purchased through the Commissary Service provided. Property will not be passed amongst inmates.

Authorized Property

All authorized property must be stored inside the County Issue Tote Box at all times. If you have too much property collected in the tote box; you must complete a Property Release Form to have someone take possession of the excess items. It is prohibited to have possession of any item not purchased through commissary or County issue, except family photos, personal mail and legal documents. 

Excessive amount of items whether issued or purchased through commissary may be considered contraband along with clothing items that have been altered or damaged.

Unauthorized Property

Unsealed food, altered clothing/property, ink pens, metal staples, paper clips, soft drink bottles, trash, medications, or anything that can be used or construed as a weapon. All items considered as contraband will be confiscated by staff and destroyed.