Manufactured Home Transfers

Items Needed to Process

The following lists of items are needed in order to process through the County Assessors office and the Motor Vehicle Division:

  • Original Title:  if the original is not available the seller(s)/owners(s) will have to fill out a Duplicate Title Request form
  • Bill of Sale:  signed by seller(s)/owner(s) if real estate transaction is involved
  • MVD Application for Vehicle Title & Registration:  signed by purchaser(s)
  • Mobile Home Tax Release from County Assessors:  showing taxes are paid current
  • Release of Lien:  if seller(s)/owner(s) are showing a lien holder on the manufactured (mobile) home they must execute a release of lien

Note: All parties must sign exactly as their names are typed or written, if or is used, only one of the parties must sign.  If and is used both parties must sign.

Trust or Probate

If it involves a Trust or Probate, copies of the trust or probate must be submitted with the transfer.