Deactivation Checklist, Manufactured Home (Titled)

Manufactured (Mobile) Home Title 

(If the title shows a lien holder, you must obtain a release of lien from lien holder.)

  • Bill of Sale (buy/sell transaction)
  • Motor Vehicle Application for Title Registration (buy/sell transaction)
  • Green Inspection Certificate (the manufactured (mobile) home must meet all the requirements of a permanent foundation as required by New Mexico Manufactured Housing Division)
  • Mobile Home Tax Release from County Assessor (taxes must be paid current)
  • Request to Change Valuation Status (Affidavit) from County Assessor
  • Limited Power of Attorney (POA) / if a third party is signing on behalf of the seller/buyer, this is optional

Note: All parties must sign exactly as their names are typed or written, if or is used, only one of the parties must sign.  If and is used both parties must sign.

Trust or Probate

If it involves a Trust or Probate, copies of the trust or probate must be submitted with the transfer.