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Election Worker Application

  1. Election Officials

    Election Officials or Poll Workers are an important part of our democratic system. Without election officials, we couldn't hold elections. The hours are long (14+ hour day) but the rewards are great! and you will be compensated! To be an election worker, you must:

    •Be registered to vote in Otero County

    •Be able to read and write

    •Be able to carry out an election official's duties with acceptable skill and dispatch

    •Attend a two hour training

    •Take an oath of office

    •Have computer experience

    What does an election official do?

    •Open and close the polls

    •Set up voting equipment

    •Register and sign-in voters

    •Issue Ballots

    •Record and certify vote totals

    Note: County residents who are 16 or 17 years old, US Citizens, and meet all but the first condition above may serve as election officials. Please contact Christopher Duran or Monique Maynez at (575) 437-4942 for more information.

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