DWI Compliance Program

The Compliance program provides the courts with the support services needed to ensure compliance with all mandated sentencing requirements. Judges in the courts rely on the DWI Compliance program to aid defendants in the completion of their court ordered requirements, and to assist them during their time on probation. 

They provide offenders assistance with and referrals to treatment agencies, DWI Schools, Ignition Interlock providers, community service and other mandatory conditions of probation. The responsibility for success or failure is squarely on the shoulders of the offender. This provides increased motivation to the offender to abide by and cooperate in their rehabilitation.

Pay Compliance Fees & Screening Fees Online

Make compliance and screening payments online. GovPros will assess a $1.95 fee per transaction for this service.

The State mandated IDA Screening Survey  is $40.00. 

Compliance fees are $50 per month.