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Request for Reappraisal - Reinspection of Property

    This request does not suffice as a formal protest. By using this form for review, all changes or no change is solely at the discretion of the appraiser. Upon receiving your annual notice of value typically mailed by March 30st of year, if you are not in agreement with the value place on your property, you may file a formal protest no later than 30 day after the mailing of the Notice of Value. To file a formal protest, go to ((portion of the website)) for instructions.
  2. Owner’s opinion of what needs to be reappraised, added to tax rolls, or deleted from tax rolls? (Check all that apply)
  3. Decrease in Value
    (loss in value due to condition, damages, or demolitions of structures)
  4. Increase in Value
    (new structures or improvements to existing structures)
  5. Inspection Instructions (owner’s request)
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