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Add/Modify Community Health Event

  1. You DO NOT need to sign in or create an account to submit an event.
  2. Only an authorized representative of the hosting entity may submit, modify, or request events removed.
  3. Please read the Policy and Disclaimer for the Otero County Community Health Event Calendar. You must agree to follow the requirements therein.
  4. Will Event include religious activity?*
  5. Will event promote commercial businesses and interests?
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  7. Does the event promote the general health of the Otero County community?
  8. Is event open to the public?*
  9. Is there an admission charge?
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  11. Recurrence*
  12. Please note that modification requests may take up to two business days to process. Modifications are submitted to the Calendar Moderator for review.
  13. Attachments must be in PDF format, copyright-free, and owned by event organizer, or permission given to the event organizer.
  14. If you have any questions, please email the Calendar Moderator at or call 575-434-4902.
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