What happens to the cremated / unclaimed remains?

It is the duty of the Board of Commissioners of each county in New Mexico to decently inter or cremate the body of any unclaimed decedent person. The county shall ensure that the body is cremated no later than 30 days after a determination has been made that the body has not been claimed; but no less than 2 weeks after death. Cremated remains will be stored by the crematory for a period of no more than 2 years from the time of cremation in a manner that allows for identification of cremated remains. Once the 2 years has ended, the cremated remains may be lawfully disposed of by the crematory, provided the crematory provides Otero County with a record of the place and manner of disposition. Records will be kept for no less than 5 years. (NMSA 1978 §24-13-1).

After the two years, all indigent cremated remains are buried in the perpetual care section of the Monte Vista Cemetery. Each person will have an individual plot with a temporary marker. If a family member or interested person wishes to place a permanent marker at the burial site, cost for the disposition must be reimbursed to the county. 

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