County Manager

The County Manager is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to serve as the chief administrative officer for Otero County and is responsible for carrying out policies determined by the Board of County Commissioners and for the day-to-day operations and management of a broad range of county services. As such, the Office of the County Manager:

  • Implements the policies adopted by the Board;
  • Employs, supervises and provides direction, leadership and supervision to all County administrative department heads;
  • Recommends an annual county operating and capital improvement budget to the Board;
  • Prepares and distributes the bi-weekly agenda of the Board, as well as follow-up of actions taken by the Board at each meeting;
  • Compiles information as requested by the Board;
  • Negotiates, supervises and administers County contracts;
  • Schedules and staffs workshops and committees as required/requested by the Board;
  • Provides an intergovernmental liaison function and maintains lines of communication with other local and state officials, community leaders and the public;
  • Insures County compliance with all federal, state and local rules and regulations; provides and maintains facilities for all agencies as required by law.

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