Inmate Services & Programs


Medical Services

Health services are provided for medical screening, mental health, and daily medications. An inmate may request a medical appointment through the medical health staff or through the electronic kiosk system. Appointments are scheduled as necessary by the nursing staff.

Food Service

Otero County Food Service employees prepare nutritionally approved meals and work to ensure that sanitation and quality products are provided for optimal results. All meals are prepared in the detention center’s kitchen and served three times a day.

Laundry Service

The detention center has its own laundry room where uniforms, linens, and underclothing are cleaned and redistributed on a weekly schedule.

Commissary Service

Swanson Commissary Services provides commissary to the detention facility each week. Inmates who have funds in their accounts (and not restricted from the commissary privilege) may purchase a variety of personal hygiene items, snacks, writing materials, games, and clothing.


Programs Offenders will be provided the broadest possible range of programs and services that structural and security limitations allow. Self improvement programs will be available equitably to male and female offenders.

Programs include the following:

  • Religious services
  • Social Services counseling (Individual and group sessions)
  • A recreational library for general reading
  • Recreational Activity
  • Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous
  • GED Classes (As available through NMSU)
  • A computer based legal resource system