Posting Bond

All local Court bonds (Municipal, Magistrate and District) must be posted at the appropriate Court if posted during regular business hours. If the inmate is bonding out after regular business hours, the bond may be posted at the Detention Center. The Detention Center does not write bonds for the Alamogordo Department of Public Safety at any time (municipal charges). 

After business hours, municipal bonds may be posted at ADPS. Otero County Magistrate Court will also accept bonds for other out of county magistrate courts (New Mexico only). If the inmate is being detained on a fine, the fine must be paid at the Court where the fine is owed .

Paying Bond

Bonds must be paid with cash, money order, or cashiers’ check. Personal checks are not accepted at anytime for any bond. The Otero County Detention Center does not make change for cash bonds so please bring the exact amount for the bond (any overage may be applied to the inmates fees and/or returned to the inmate by check).


Bail bonds may be posted through the services of a court approved bondsman. Fees for bonding company services are determined by the individual bonding companies. The Detention Center will not make recommendations or provide contact information for any specific bonding agency or agent. Bonding agency information may be found in the local telephone directory or on the Internet.

Property Bonds

Property bonds may be posted for Otero County court cases at the Otero County Sheriff’s Office. For further details contact the Otero County Sheriff’s Office at 575-437-2210.

Local Court Information

Find contact information for local courts.