Detention Center

Statement Of Purpose

  • The Otero County Detention Center was established to provide housing to those persons whom society believes, for various reasons, need to be separated from itself.
  • Our goal is to provide that housing in a humane manner consistent with the law. We are not judges of persons, personalities and behavior and we will provide our services with no preconceived ideas or prejudices. We will acquit our duties in obedience to the applicable hope, by example, that those with whose care we are charged, will return to society better for their experience.
  • Our mission is to tend, not punish. Punishment is the province of the Court System and we are not presumptuous enough to attempt that duty.


The Detention Center is located off Highway 70 as you are going to Holloman AFB. Turn at the light onto Airport Road. Go half a mile and make a right on to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. Go to the end of that road and you will be there.

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