Releasing the Cremated Remains

The cremated remains may be released provided that cost of cremation has been reimbursed, in full to Otero County (NMSA 1978 §24-13-5), no later than two years (NMSA 1978 §24-13-1) from the time of cremation: remains will be held by the current contracted crematory during this time.

It is Healthcare Services' practice to wait 90 days before payment can be received for unclaimed persons. The purpose is to allow any and all legal next of kin to come forward to claim the deceased.

Reimbursement Payment

If all family members are known and have filled out the appropriate paper work prior to cremation or burial, payment to the county can be reimbursed as soon as services have been provided.

All reimbursement to the county for cremation and burial services must be paid in full. We currently do not allow small payment installments. Payment must be in the form of Cashier's Check or Money Order.