Program Qualifications

Income Limits

Income limits change annually as the State of New Mexico per capita income is adjusted per NMSA 1978 §27-5-4G. To remain in compliance, Otero County Healthcare Services uses the Federal Poverty Limits (FPL).

Annual Income Amount - 300% FPL
Monthly Income Household Total
$36,420 $3,035 Household of 1
$49,380 $4,115 Household of 2
$62,340 $5,195 Household of 3
$75,300 $6,275 Household of 4
$88,260 $7,355 Household of 5
$101,220 $8,435 Household of 6

Resource Limits

Assets are not to exceed $20,000. Applicant's owned primary residence and lot are not considered in the assets calculation.


Pursuant to the Otero County Ordinance §140-5, an applicant must be domiciled in Otero County for a minimum of 90 days preceding the provision of medical services.